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Rabu, 11 Februari 2009


At AdBux, you will accrue points, that translate into REAL dollars to view websites, complete offers, sample products, signup for free trials, play games, shop online, and much more. With over 1,000,000 members and thousands of advertisers, AdBux is the ultimate online rewards program.

Earn Points to View Ads
Advertisers will pay you, as a consumer, to look at websites that interest you. We have three different ad types with a variety of different prices so, the points you earn will vary with each view. Your point earning potential increases if you use our Affiliate program. With every friend that you refer to AdBux, you can earn increase point value.

Earn Points to Complete Offers
Advertisers will often buy traffic to their website in LEAD BASED form. Instead of a user simply visiting the website and earning a small amount of points per visit (as above), users can visit the site and complete a registration, submit an e-mail address, take a survey, sign up for a trial based membership, etc. and earn several points or more. Some offers pay up to 30 points!

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