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Kamis, 26 Februari 2009

My Home Page Friends

This is a new alternative for earning money online. You'll get pay by searching the internet. You have to searching the internet with My Home Page friends, as a member you'll get a Home Page that you can use to search.
This My Home Page Friends (MHPF) site using yahoo! as their source to searching the internet. So the MHPF search result is same as when you are using yahoo!. This is very interesting site, cos I think is fair if we get paid by searching the internet. By searching the internet we usually view some ads provide by the search engine, but we don't have anything, with this MHPF we can earn some money everytime we search something on the internet.
I think this program is the best idea to joining in, are you agree with me???
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2 komentar:

yatra mengatakan...

Hello Friend ,

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admin mengatakan...

Webnya informatif banget, makasih ya. Kalo sempat coba kunjungi harga 1 paket fair n pink pemutih wajah

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